Florida Statute 44.1011:

Arbitration Defined


"...a process whereby a neutral person or panel, called an arbitrator or arbitration panel, considers the facts and arguments presented by the parties and renders a decision, which may be binding, or non-binding as provided in this chapter."



Differences between  Arbitration and Mediation


  • In an arbitration proceeding, the arbitrator acts in the same capacity as a judge and jury.


  • Parties may present their case with witness and expert testimony.


  • Parties do not participate in the decision making process.


  • Arbitration can be binding or non-binding.



What are the benefits of Arbitration?


  • Parties can present their case in an informal environment.


  • Parties can obtain a neutral decisive opinion.


  • Less cost than litigation.


  • Less time than litigation.


  • Less stress than litigation.



How do our professionals help?


  • Our arbitrators are current and former professionals from all facets of the legal, financial and healthcare communities.


  • The diversity of our arbitrators allows the parties an opportunity to choose the right arbitrator to produce the most effective results.


  • We pursue all the parties to set dates and confirm information so that all of the preliminary work is performed by us for you.


  • In order to accommodate those with specific needs, our arbitrators will travel to locations agreed upon by the parties.


  • Our arbitrators provide thorough explanations so that all the parties can fully understand the basis for the arbitrator’s decision.


  • A detailed arbitration decision can be utilized to assist the parties in resolution of the matter or for post judgment hearings.


  • Provides parties with a neutral opinion from the Arbitrator to use in their mediation process            (see "Hybrids").



Broward County Judicial Order:

Mandatory Non-binding Arbitration


  • Instituted Feb, 2003 in Broward County by the Honorable Chief Judge Dale Ross.


  • Provides Judges a procedure to order the parties to attend non-binding arbitration before the setting of the trial.


  • Provides for attorney's fees if the party that seeks a trial does not obtain a more favorable ruling at trial.


  • Moves cases along quickly if the court's dockets are back logged.


  • Provides immediate forum for dispute resolution if the parties accept the Arbitrator's opinion .



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