Special Magistrate Defined
A forum in which a dispute is presented to a neutral third party in the same manner as a civil lawsuit is presented to a judge.  This process is binding and includes the right of appeal. 
Special Magistrate
Florida Rules of civil Procedure  Rule 1.490 (b)
Special Magistrates. The Court may appoint members of the Florida Bar as special magistrates for any particular service required by the Court, and they shall be governed by all the provisions of law and rules relating to magistrates except they shall not be required to make oath or give bond unless specifically required by the order appointing them.  Upon a showing that the appointment is advisable, a person other than a member of the Bar may be appointed.

Special  Magistrate Concepts

Typically found in family matters

Typically addresses individual issues rather than entire matter.

Reduces court case load

Adapt to Article 5 reductions in state wide judicial funding


What are the benefits of Special Magistrates?

Parties can present their issue in an informal environment.

Parties can obtain a neutral decisive opinion.

Less costly than litigation.

Less time than litigation.

Less stress than litigation.


    How do our professionals help?

    Our Special Magistrates are current and former professionals from all facets of the legal,
     financial and healthcare communities.

    The diversity of our Special Magistrates allows the parties an opportunity to choose the right arbitrator to
    produce the most effective results.

    We pursue all the parties to set dates and confirm information so that all of the preliminary work is
    performed by us for you.

    In order to accommodate those with specific needs, our Special Magistrates will travel to locations
    agreed upon by the parties.

    Our Special Magistrates provide thorough explanations so that all the parties can fully understand the 
    basis for the arbitrator’s decision.

    A detailed decision can be utilized to assist the parties in resolution of the matter or for post judgment 




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